Social Science Seminar 2017-18

The Seminar Series for 2017-18 has concluded. The 2018-19 Series will begin on September 17.

The Social Science Seminar meets each week on Monday from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m in the Dilworth Room. The presentation begins at 12:30 p.m.  Attendees, as in the past, include the Faculty, Members, Visitors and Research Assistants of the School of Social Science, those Members of the School of Historical Studies with related interests, and colleagues from the wider academic community.  If there are any questions regarding the Seminar, please contact Donne Petito at 609.734.8250 or We look forward to seeing you.

Seminar Schedule

2017 - 2018

September 25
George Steinmetz
Colonial Sociologists in the French and British Empires, 1930s-1960s: Between Scientific Dependency and Intellectual Autonomy
October 2 Jean-Louis Fabiani
Disunity in the Social Sciences: Dreadful or Fruitful?
October 9
Álvaro Morcillo-Laiz
Fiercely Nationalistic or European Cosmopolitan? Max Weber on World Politics
October 16
Mehdi Shadmehr
Khomeini's Theory of Islamic State and the Making of the Iranian Revolution
October 23 Andrew Zimmerman Provincializing Global History and Decolonizing Theory: Guinea Sam Nightingale and Magic Marx in Civil War Missouri 
October 30 Peter D. Thomas When the Subaltern Speaks
November 6 Jacob S. T. Dlamini
The Kruger National Park and the Conservation of Science
November 13 Johan Heilbron Making Sense of Globalizing Social Science
November 20 Chitralekha Dhamija
Virtually Radical:
Speech, Surveillance and Silence in (Indian) Kashmir
November 27 Alice Crary The Horrific History of Comparisons Between Animals and the Cognitively Disabled (and How to Move Beyond It)
December 4 Ayten Alkan
From Cohabitation to Disposability: Dogs of Istanbul
December 11 Miriam Kingsberg Kadia
The Japanese Student Movement of 1968, Epistemological Revolution, and the End of the Field Generation
January 22 Peter Coviello
Make Yourselves Gods: Secularism, Sex, and the Radiant Body of Early Mormonism 
January 29 John Lardas Modern The Religion Machine; or, a Particular History of the Brain
February 5 Kristoffer Kropp A Field of European Social Science?
February 12 Agata Zysiak
University for Working Classes: Rise and Fall of Socialist Modernization in Postwar Poland
February 26 Silvia Pasquetti
Together, Apart: Suspected Lives in West Bank Refugee Camps and Israeli Cities
March 5 Amín Pérez Switching Scientific Paradigms for a Political Revolution: Bourdieu During the Algerian Liberation War
March 12 Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl The European Common Market: “A New Frontier” for US Business Elites or an “Economic Frankenstein”?
March 19 Gubad Ibadoghlu The Political Economy of Natural Resources and Petro-Authoritarianism
March 26 Paul DiMaggio Culture as Process: Notes toward a Theory
April 2 Nicolas Langlitz Chimpanzee Culture Wars
April 9 Shatema Threadcraft Contemplating Spectacular Black Death Across Generations: Lynching, Lethal Police Violence and the Black Female Body
April 16 Paulina Ochoa Espejo Rights of Place: A Spanish American View of Property and Territory
April 23 Bregje van Eekelen Disciplining Creativity: A Cultural History of Unstructured Thought
April 30 Charly Coleman The Economy of the Mysteries: Administering Sacramental Wealth in the Age of Lights
May 7 Nicolas Guilhot The Politics of Decision: The Modern Social Sciences from Decisionism to Rational Choice
May 14 Anne-Claire Defossez Equality in French Politics: An Unfinished Business

Seminar subjects may vary from the personal statements of Members included on this site. Please refer to the descriptions above for exact topic of talk.