Social Science Seminar

The Social Science Seminar meets each week on Monday from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m in the Dilworth Room. The presentation begins at 12:30 p.m.  Attendees, as in the past, include the Faculty, Members, Visitors and Research Assistants of the School of Social Science, those Members of the School of Historical Studies with related interests, and colleagues from the wider academic community.  If there are any questions regarding the Seminar, please contact Donne Petito at 609.734.8250 or We look forward to seeing you.

Seminar Schedule

2018 - 2019

September 17
Didier Fassin Crisis and Critique. A Discourse on the Method
September 24 Dieter Thomä The Role of Troublemakers in Times of Crisis
October 1
Michael Kazin
The Party of Which People? The Evolution of the Democrats from Jackson to Obama
October 8
Mabel Berezin
Security Crises: Populism, Nationalism and Threats to Democracy in Europe
October 15
Andreas Eckert
From Slavery to Precarity? African Labor History and the History of Work in Africa since the Late 19th Century
October 22
Ji Li
The Power Logic of Justice in China
October 29 
Hae Yeon Choo
The Dictatorship of Capital: Urban Redevelopment and the Question of Violence in Post-authoritarian South Korea
November 5 Martin Hartmann Inequality, Empathy Gulfs and Social Critique
November 12 Hector Amaya Publicity, Violence, and Technological Mediation
November 19 David Bond Environment: A Disastrous History of the Hydrocarbon Present
November 26 Axel Honneth  Democracy and the Division of Labor: Outline of a Research Project
December 3
Rahel Jaeggi
Crisis, Critique and Social Change: Towards a Normative-Materialistic Conception
December 10 Eva Illouz Uncertainty, Crisis and Negative Relationships
January 28
Robin Celikates
Democratizing Disobedience: Outline of a Critical Theory of Protest
February 4
Murad Idris
Islam: Three Genealogies
February 11
Sophie Wahnich
In Face of Crisis, Responsibility of Human and Social Sciences: A Detour by way of the Eighteenth Century and the French Revolution
February 19
February 25
Clara Mattei
Capitalism and Crisis: On the Origins and Rationality of Austerity 
March 4
Anne McNevin
Implicated. World-making and Border Politics
March 11
Jessica Winegar
Aesthetics, Politics, and Revolution in Egypt
March 18
Dorian Bell
Viral Populism: Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and the Refugee Crisis
March 25
Rodrigo Cordero
Giving Society a Form: Authoritarian Traces, Neoliberal Threads and the Force of Concepts
April 1
Beshara Doumani
“Look at the Stones”: Towards a Modern History of the Palestinians
April 8
Daniel Cohen
Follow the Carbon: Climate Change and Inequality in the 21st Century City
April 15
Rowena He
China since Tiananmen: History, Memory, and Nationalism
April 22 Greta Wagner Helping Refugees. The Moral Economy of Volunteers in Rural Germany
April 29
Denise Brennan
Confronting Carceral State-Making: Undocumented Life in the Era of Mass Deportation
May 6 Munira Khayyat The Life of War: Ecologies of Resistance and Survival 
May 13 Aldo Marchesi An Intellectual and Political History of Urban Poverty in Uruguay (1943-2010). A Global History from a Local Perspective

Seminar subjects may vary from the personal statements of Members included on this site. Please refer to the descriptions above for exact topic of talk.