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Research Team:

               Danielle Allen, DKP Principal Investigator

               Jennifer London, DKP Research Director

               Maggie Schein, HULA Reseach Director

               Sheena Kang, HULA Researcher

               Christopher Dean, HULA Researcher

               Roseann Liu, HULA Consultant

The Democratic Knowledge Project (DKP) brings together four projects to pursue knowledge-transfer projects that will cultivate epistemic success in democracies.  These projects are:

The Humanities and Liberal Arts Assessment (HULA): This project analyzes the impact of a humanistic education and gauges its effectiveness for spurring civic involvement and political participation.  It evaluates the craft knowledge humanists possess, explores how such knowledge is passed on to students, and assesses its impact on a student’s ability to participate in public life.  This project also develops a tool-kit for assessing humanities programs and for evaluating their effects on students.  This kit helps administrators evaluate the effectiveness of their humanities programs and identify areas in need of reform. 

The High School Citizen Empowerment Initiative: The aim of this project is to increase high-school voter turnout; it is based on the premise that an invitation to vote is a useful step toward citizen empowerment.  This initiative takes cues from the state of North Carolina, which requires every public high school to make voter registration available.  Currently, this project is under development.

Connecting Global Knowledge Traditions: This project integrates diverse linguistic and cultural traditions of knowledge, to unearth common questions and concerns, to reveal aspects of commonality and discontinuity, and, through translation, to make mutually accessible across traditions key texts from diverse times and places.  We bring together specialists from various fields to inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration and contribution.

The Youth and Participatory Politics Platforms Project: The Youth and Participatory Politics research network investigates the relationship between youth new media use and youth political engagement.  Under the umbrella of this research network, the Platforms Project is developing design principles to guide the production of new media platforms (e.g., websites, apps, SMS tools, etc.) that can better support youth civic and political engagement and youth development of citizenly capacities. Networks members Danielle Allen and Lissa Soep are the principal investigators for this project.


Danielle Allen, the Principal Investigator for these projects, and the team at the DKP invite your comments.  Please email us at