New Books by SSS Faculty and Scholars

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Writing the World of Policing. The Difference Ethnography Makes (editor), The University of Chicago Press, 2017.

Regina Bendix (Former Member 1992-93), Kilian Bizer and Dorothy Noyes, Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration: A Guide for the Academy, U of Illinois Press, 2017.

Yuval Jobani (Former Research Assistant 2008-10) and Nahshon Perez, Women of the Wall: Navigating Religion in Sacred Sites. Oxford University Press, 2017.

Didier Fassin (Faculty), If Truth Be Told. The Politics of Public Ethnography (editor), Durham, Duke University Press, 2017.

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Le Monde à l’épreuve de l’asile. Essai d’anthropologie critique, Société d’ethnologie, Paris, 2017.

Jonathan Morduch (Former Member 2016-17) and Rachel Schneider, The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty, Princeton University Press, 2017.

Randall Curren (Former Member 2012-13) and Ellen Metzger, Living Well Now and in the Future: Why Sustainability Matters, MIT Press, 2017.

Kenda Mutongi (Former Member 2004-05), Matatu: A History of Popular Transportation in Nairobi, University Of Chicago Press, 2017.

Tugba Basaran (Former Member 2014-15; Visitor 2015-16), International Political Sociology: Transversal Lines, Routledge, 2016.

Linda Zerilli (Former Member 2016-17), A Democratic Theory of Judgment, University of Chicago Press, 2016.

Angel Adams Parham (Former Member 2011-12),  American Routes: Racial Palimpsests and the Transformation of Race, Oxford University Press, 2017.

David Kazanjian (Former Member 2016-17), The Brink of Freedom: Improvising Life in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World, Duke University Press, 2016.

Lalaie Ameeriar (Former Member 2016-17), Downwardly Global: Women, Work, and Citizenship in the Pakistani Diaspora, Duke University Press, 2017.

Jung Soon Park (Former Member 2001-02), Michael Walzer's Social Thought and Philosophical Enlightenment: Complex Equality, the Goddess of Philosophy, and Magic Square, Philosophy and Reality Publishing Co., Seoul, 2017.

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Punir une passion contemporaine, Seuil, 2017.

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Prison Worlds: An Ethnography of the Carceral Condition, Polity, 2016.

Michael Walzer (Professor Emeritus), In God’s Shadow: Politics in the Hebrew Bible, Yale University Press, 2012.

Joan Wallach Scott (Professor Emerita), The Fantasy of Feminist History, Duke University Press, 2011.